Laura Stiles is a wedding photographer serving Central Texas, Georgia, and worldwide

she's love with details
...the first one on the dance floor and the last to leave
...embraces elements of tradition on a wedding day
...celebrates their quirks and isn't afraid to let loose and be silly
...surrounded by the loudest, most joyful bride tribe around
...ready to engage in a conversation with gifs
...ready to have a new friend in her photographer

THE laura stiles bride

The Laura Stiles Bride

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

Shoot me a message and let's see if I have your date available! After that, let's get on a phone call or Facetime! I don't just want to know about your wedding, because even though that's a big part of why we met, the event doesn't define you or your story.

 Expect to talk about yourself...A LOT. Expect to bond with me over your favorite tv shows, books, how you and your honey met, your favorite cocktail, and gifs...because I love a good gif conversation



an experience set apart

Once we're officially official, it's time to work on a mood board to get ready for engagements, bridal shoots, and your dream day!

The Next Steps

This is my most favorite part of the planning process! I love to work with brides on a specific photography mood board and dream the biggest dreams for your big day. Planning out how you want your photo sessions to look, feel, and happen. Some of my brides work with planners and this meeting just strengthens the vision their planner gets to bring to life. Other brides are planning this all on their own, so this mood board can help show you just how possible your wedding dreams really are.

Mood Boards also set the tone for your engagement session or bridal session. We can talk style, color scheme and anything in between!



Let's get real, booking is all business so I'll keep it brief.
Online. Client. Portal.
It's that simple! You'll receive invoices, contracts and questionnaires all to your email.


MOOD BOARDS and pre-wedding shoots

on the gram

Check out this collection of some favorites from the Chapman Wedding!



It's totally hard to sit back and relax on the most important day of your life, but that's what I hope you get to do!


"Laura is AMAZING! 10 stars!! When I first pitched to her that our wedding would be taking place in Vermont, she whole-heartedly jumped right in to the project. Traveling across the country was no feat for her! She is one of the most organized, professional, and detail-oriented vendors I've ever had the pleasure to worked with. She captured every single detail & moment of our wedding I had been dreaming about for the past two years. She asked questions and thought of scenarios I had not even considered in my planning process. Her comprehensive timeline kept us on schedule the whole day, and she even stepped outside of her role as our photographer and solved a few logistical problems that happened the day of our wedding! It truly does not get any freaking better than that! She is an excellent communicator & a beautiful soul that I can now call a friend for life!!"

We like "candid" photos, will we be posing all the time?

This is a great question! For your portraits, I like to say that I "pose candidly." This is to say that I place you and your honey in one of a few base poses so that you look your most flattering. Then, I will prompt you to do or say things that always get the most perfect reactions...resulting in the most perfect photos!

As for the reception and other moments throughout your day, I try to document them as they happen with no direction. 


How many photos will I get?

No worries, I won't be capping your wedding gallery at a certain amount! I can tell you that industry standard is to deliver around 50-100 images per hour. This, of course, is just an estimate. Many galleries are dependent on your timeline, your wedding "events," and the amount of details you have for me to capture!


Are you able to photograph in low-light situations?

ABSOLUTELY. I feel like one of the most fun, creative parts of my photography package is my ability to photograph the night of your wedding. 
I am fully equipped with a Profoto Off Camera Lighting system and all the modifiers! In fact, on the day of the Chapman wedding, it rained...all. day. The day was dark, but the vibe, as you can see, was all sunshine. I'm prepared to handle anything your wedding day throws at me :)


Are bridal photos included on a wedding day?

I always try to build bridal portraits into your timeline the day of your wedding! After all, no one glows quite like the bride on the actual wedding day. If you want more than just a few, however, I suggest booking a separate session so we can truly bring your vision to life!


Laura, I have a ton of questions!

Don't sweat it! I want you to feel confident when going into your wedding day and I am well prepared for any question you throw my way.

Think of me like the Yoda to your Luke, the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter, the fairy godmother to your Cinderella...your very own
*wedding wizard*

You're the hero of this story and I'm your faithful wedding guide. Gimme all the questions!