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You can ususally find me either at the local board game store, lounging with my dogs, or chasing my two crazy kids around

I see my photography as a way to document YOUR history and I consider it a great honor to tell your story, and to capture memories unique to you and your loved ones. Sure, we'll pose a bit, and we'll do some "traditional" photos, but most importantly I want to showcase glimpses of real life and real emotion. I want to create moments that generations from now your family still "ooo's and ahh's" over.

Why Wedding Photography?

Hello gorgeous bride to be!

I watched my Dad fervently capture memories of my mom, me, and my siblings. My mom putting out Christmas presents with a mischievous smile, me bright-eyed with sponge rollers in my hair before a cheer competition, my brother smiling with a baseball trophy that put him on the path to his MLB career, my sister's elation and absolute fire after a "ace" on the volleyball court. Each of these a simple moment in time, but so powerful in the story of who I and my family are. He had his camera at every event, every family gathering, and now often as my second shooter at weddings I book.

I chose wedding photography because it is an opportunity to tell the story of the start of a family. To tell the stories of my couples and families just like my Dad did with us. Capturing your tears, your laughter, the looks in your eyes when you are in moments you are passionate about.

I want your wedding photos to represent who you are, who your spouse is, and what your family will become in the future. 

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Laura Stiles is THE BEST photographer and was able to perfectly capture our engagement photos and wedding photos. She is incredibly professional and was always prepared. She responds promptly, she is very detail oriented, and she is able to go with the flow. She drove all the way down to Galveston, the place that my wife and I met and called home, to capture our engagement photos. Her ability to make us feel comfortable and express genuine joy is incredible, and she makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable. Our wedding day was a million times less stressful with Laura in charge. Her calm and peaceful presence along with her strong and clear directions made my wife and I feel at ease and free to enjoy our special day!

We love Laura, and we recommend her to anybody looking for the best photographer to perfectly capture the most incredible moments in life!

I never doubted that our wedding photos would be anything short of perfection and she nailed it. 

You can tell Laura is very passionate about her craft and her clients/friends. She has a true talent as a photographer. Laura did our engagement shoot, my bridal shoot and our full wedding day photographs. Let me tell you, I have never been more elated with photos in my life. I have also never felt so beautiful and the love she captures from us toward each other in just a small look is astounding. She captured everything we wanted and then some more. Her editing skills are above and beyond, she gets the very best lighting and never misses a moment. Every photograph seems to always leaving us speechless with our jaws on the floor!!

Laura was BEYOND what I was expecting/hoped for in a wedding photographer! She was there for me every time I needed someone to talk to about the wedding, EVEN if it had nothing to do with photography! She helped my stress levels immensely. On top of all of that, her photos are beautiful to say the least, I can’t wait to look back at those memories in the years to come. Thank you so much Laura for surpassing all of my expectations. 

I can’t wait to look back at those memories in the years to come.

My husband and I were having a very small and intimate wedding that turned last minute into a monsoon. That didn’t stop Laura from providing top notch photography. The photos she took of our wedding will be the best photos I have ever been in. She came all the way to TN and it was more than worth it. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to book her again. You will not be disappointed.

There are not enough stars I could give this photographer!

Laura did an incredible job with our wedding photography! Even though it was cold and rainy on our wedding day, she still found a way to capture some amazing shots. She was very calm and made sure that even though we were behind our original schedule, we got all of the shots that we planned for! My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with the work and attention to detail that she brings. The photos turned out incredible and I would highly recommend her as a wedding photographer.

She went above and beyond in every way imaginable. 

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Boudoir Sessions. That number might seem crazy, but it's true! I have the privilege of being a boudoir photographer for a national boudoir company, so I have tons of practice under my belt. If you want to add a boudoir session to your wedding package, I'm the girl that can make it happen!



facts and figures

The amount of weddings I like to take on in a calendar year. This helps me serve my couples best!

The number of states I have traveled to for amazing couples just like you! I've photographed atop mountains in Colorado, in fields in Mississippi, and on a lake in Vermont. Let's add your state to the mix!

The minimum amount of Snickers bars in my gear bag on a wedding day. :)

the Laura Stiles bride

1. I am a proud Air Force spouse. My husband Tyler is my biggest inspiration and the most awesome best friend.

2. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am a super nerd and I am proud. I love Star Wars, I love fantasy books. Want to dress up and go to Comic-Con? call me please.

3. I love to talk. I promise if you are the type of person who is unsure of what you will talk about, I can fill the gaps enough for the both of us. 

4. I have kids and they will definitely want to tell you hello if we FaceTime for a meeting. Coincidentally, it's also why I put my office in my closet...quiet time!

5. I love any and all things sweets. I believe dinner was made so that we could have dessert. Macarons are a delicacy I will spend $30 on. And nothing....I mean nothing, is as good as a warm chocolate chip cookie with milk.  

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